Self Care Guide

Self Care Chatbot

 I came across this great tool made by Jace Harr for helping people who might be struggling to get through some self care. It’s called “You Feel Like Shit: An interactive self care guide” and it’s wonderful and I’m pretty sure I found it on a particularly low day after googling “I feel like shit.”

I got the idea that it would be nice to be able to access this guide in a way that felt natural and easy, through messaging. If I just had a little bot that I could message, they could guide me into feeling better. Sometimes when you’re feeling very low or you have various conditions that make it hard to take care of yourself, a simple and gentle guide can make a difference.

To build the bot I used chatfuel, a super easy platform for making your own chatbox. They can integrate AI responses and have some advanced functionality but for my purposes, the automatic answers were fine as this was essentially a scripted flow.


Using chatfuel, you create blocks for new conversation directions and I used the auto answers to lead the user through the guide. The result was a nice, accessible chat bot to guide anyone who wants through some simple self care. The bot can be accessed by messaging this facebook page.


The result was a nice, accessible messaging-based self care guide.